Are you in a committed partnership and want to stop going through the motions and rekindle the connection you once had?

 If so, we’ve got something that we are certain will help.

The Aware Method Master Class

Do you remember the kind of life you dreamed about when you first got together with your “forever person?”

What did you envision your relationship and life would look like when you believed that love was enough?

Maybe you thought you’d always…

  • get along and not have lingering resentment
  • be on the same page for important decisions
  • feel aligned in your parenting
  • have passion and desire for one another
  • feel that building a home and careers would be fulfilling and satisfying
  • live happily ever after

But then life happened, and now you’re here. And your day-to-day experiences don’t match the vision you once had, and you’re realizing that love isn’t enough to carry you through the challenges and realities your relationship is facing.

As professionals and partners in life and love, and in our combined experience in our entire careers, here’s what we see:

  • Couples wait 6 years too long after problems arise to learn the tools to repair disconnection
  • Time does not heal all wounds
  • Trust can be broken in seconds and can take years to repair
  • Relationships are eroded by a gradual accumulation of hurts, resentments and annoyances
  • Couples rarely have the role model for the kind of relationship they want, preventing them from achieving the relationship they desire
  • Once they decide they want to strengthen their relationship, they don’t know where to begin

We invite you to download this free Master Class that will give you insight and overview into what you can expect throughout this series as well as the foundational tools you need to know to have greater relational happiness & satisfaction.