Joree & John’s Story

We are Joree Rose, MA, LMFT & Dr. John Schinnerer and we both believed in the fairy tale. And we both ended up divorced. After marrying, and then ending our relationship, with our high school sweethearts, we never thought that we’d find someone to love again.

Our bubble had been burst in believing that the ultimate love was possible.

We both spent time dating, but never found the right one. Dating provided the opportunity to learn much about ourselves, and what we wanted and needed in relationship, and how to be more discerning.

And then, one fateful day, Joree and John connected on Tinder. Yes, Tinder!

Eager John asked Joree out that very evening, however they decided to meet for lunch the very next day.

Joree went to bed that night reading a psychology magazine (yes, we are that into seeking as much knowledge as we can get), that was talking about couples therapy. One of the therapists they were talking about was John Gottman (probably the world’s leading researcher on relationships, and whom Joree has trained under) and the other was someone who Joree had never heard of, Susan Johnson.

The next day, Joree walks into the restaurant to find John sitting there (of course he was, cause he’s always early and she’s always late!) reading the same Susan Johnson book mentioned in the article Joree was reading the night before!! Seriously, talk about synchronicity!! We can’t make this up!

From that very first moment, they both knew it was a special connection. That lunch was like a tennis match – each throwing back and forth all the professional interests and experiences they had in common. Before lunch was over, they set up coffee for the next morning; it was the first time they both had set up a second date before the first date was over.

And the rest, as they say, is history.

And while it seemed like a match made in heaven, it hasn’t come without challenges. Unfortunately, much to our chagrin, we are still human.

And despite teaching these tools to our clients (John works mainly with men teaching them the skills to be happy and successful at work and at home, through role modeling evolved masculinity and emotional awareness; Joree works mainly with women in identifying who they are outside their roles as wife and mother, helping them to get unstuck from what’s not working in their life to journey forward to true authenticity and happiness), we still get stuck.

Yes, we still get stuck.

And even when we get stuck, we know that there is always the possibility of getting unstuck, and it’s holding onto that possibility that keeps us stepping towards the relationship and making the repair attempts until we are back in alignment.

If we can do it, you can do it.

And the ROI is worth gold!

We have The Ultimate Relationship! It’s full of:

  • Mutual respect
  • Deep love and admiration
  • Incredible connection
  • Lots of laughter
  • The best sex of our lives
  • A love of adventure and travel
  • Similar parenting styles
  • Shared goals and values
  • Intimacy, vulnerability and empathic communication
  • Growth and expansion, both individually and as a couple
  • Forgiveness and letting go of the small stuff
  • Integrity, honesty and openness
  • Authenticity and friendship

How would your life be if these were the qualities of your relationship???

About Dr. John Schinnerer

Dr. John Schinnerer coaches men to perform at their peak from the boardroom to the bedroom. He also leads retreats for men and couples around the world. Dr. John graduated from U.C. Berkeley with a Ph.D. in educational psychology. He was an expert consultant for Pixar’s Inside Out. He has spoken to organizations such as Stanford Medical School, U.C. Berkeley, Kaiser Permanente, Sutter Health, Gap and UPS. He has been featured in national media such as U.S. News and World Report, Readers Digest, and SELF Magazine. His areas of expertise range from high performance, to stress management, to positive psychology, to anger management, to creating happy, thriving relationships. Dr. John hosts a podcast to help men evolve, The Evolved Caveman. Over 10,000 people have taken his online anger management course. He recently recorded micro courses on anger management and forgiveness for Simple Habit; they have been listened to over 80,000 times in the first 6 months. Visit to learn more about Dr. John and his offerings.

About Joree Rose

Joree Rose, MA, LMFT, is a licensed marriage and family therapist, mindfulness and meditation teacher, author, speaker, and she also leads mindfulness retreats around the world. Joree has helped thousands of people to live happier and more fulfilling lives through living with greater awareness and compassion, allowing them to decrease their stress, anxiety and shed unhealthy habits, patterns and mindsets. Joree is host of the podcast Journey Forward with Joree Rose where she shares wisdom of her own journey, along with mindfulness, meditation, mindset as well as therapy tools so you too can Journey Forward to lasting happiness. She has authored 2 mindfulness books, Squirmy Learns to be Mindful and Mindful, It’s Elementary, and has trained top companies, such as Safeway, Pandora, Hill Physician Group, and teacher/administration training for various school districts in how to bring mindfulness into the workplace. Joree has been featured in,, Business Insider, KTLA live morning news, and more!

About The Ultimate Relationship

The Ultimate Relationship is born from a set of learnable, science-back tools that anyone can learn. All it takes is the awareness to know that something is lacking in your relationship, the compassion in knowing that relationships are hard and that love isn’t enough, and the desire to work towards being the best partner you can be for the person you love.

Research-based tools from experts such as John Gottman, Terry Real, Esther Perel, Rick Hanson, Paul Eckman, Martin Seligman, Carol Dweck, Kristin Neff, Jon Kabat-Zinn, Robert Emmons, Brene Brown, Tara Brach, and so many more are taught to you in a way that is approachable, attainable, and relatable.

Joree & John bring their expertise from their combined 25 years of education, training and application in their professions, combined with the implementation of these tools with one another.

It works!

Tools such as:

  • Naming, not blaming, what is arising
  • Doing small things often
  • Knowing yours and your partner’s love language
  • Effective communication patterns
  • Making repair attempts
  • Responding to bids for attention
  • Allowing and accepting your partner’s emotion
  • Making gratitude a daily habit
  • Knowing and unapologetically naming your needs
  • Drawing healthy boundaries
  • Being curious, rather than judgmental
  • Practicing forgiveness
  • Getting to know who your partner is in the here and now
  • And so much more!!!
John shares his expertise on positive psychology, anger management, masculinity and on the way men have been socialized which has not primed them for healthy, lasting and connected relationships.

Joree brings her passion and knowledge in effective communication skills, rewiring bad habits and patterns, and how mindfulness is the answer to everything.

Together, Joree & John cover all bases. We are here to guide you in creating The Ultimate Relationship and can’t wait for you to experience the deep joy, connection and happiness that we know is possible.