Love Isn’t Enough Relationship Coaching

We all know that fairytales are based in fantasy, and yet that fantasy often become the expectation for our relationships: we meet, fall in love, and then live happily ever after. Right?


Why? Because life gets in the way – traumas, stressors, day-to-day minutia of kids, careers and maintaining the household – and take away from the opportunity for ongoing connection, intimacy, laughter, and play in your relationship.
Add to that that no one actually taught or role modeled to you how to be in a happy, thriving partnership.

So it’s trial and error, often with more errors than successes, often leaving us feeling disconnected, resentful, and frustrated. At the end of the day, we still love our partners, but the reality is, love isn’t enough. So now what?

The good news is that once you wake up to realizing that what you are longing for may just in fact be possible if you can learn how to repair the wounds acquired along the way, only then are you truly available to receive the guidance in healing through the barriers, while simultaneously rediscovering why you fell in love in the first place.

We are here to show you how to understand and heal your past, be connected in the present so that you can both align for your future.

We are partners in both life and love, and respectively, an MFT and Psychologist. Our journey includes previous marriages and divorces to our high school sweethearts, followed by a fairytale beginning to our own relationship, that eventually succumbed to the pitfalls of unresolved wounds and an accumulation of relational paper cuts leading to a short break up. But that breakup became the breakdown that led to the breakthroughs to help us not only realize what was in our own way, but what is often of the way of many of the couples that we work with.

Through our proprietary framework, along with research-backed tools and practices, and a whole bunch of vulnerable storytelling, we will show you how to delve into the ongoing interplay of self-reflection and radical accountability, as well as how having a dedication to relational awareness and attention will give you the winning formula to cultivate and maintain the relationship that you know is possible that you haven’t quite yet been able to embody.

We will help you to create long-lasting transformation through a custom-tailored, multimodality in-depth journey.

Here’s how we do it…


  • Identify and name your current challenges
  • Understand the patterns keeping you stuck
  • Look at current patterns of communication; both in what works and what doesn’t
  • Discover your love languages
  • Explore how the stories that you are believing, both about your partner and the relationship, can affect your view of your partner
  • Reflect on the relationships you saw when growing up
  • Gain deeper insight into your childhood and previous relationships


  • Name the expectations you have of your partner
  • Educate you on male and female socialization and its impact
  • Learn how to listen non-defensively and validate your partner’s emotions
  • Gain tool to connect in the here and now, and be curious about how you’ve grown since you met
  • Talk openly about your sexual needs, challenges and how to ask for what you want in the bedroom
  • Improve the essential skill of self-awareness so that you can recognize what is your experience to own without projection
  • Heal unresolved core wounds that are preventing you from showing up with more safety, trust and vulnerability in the relationship


  • Develop ongoing practices of self and relational awareness, compassion and open communication
  • Cultivate a culture of positive emotions to fuel your relationship, such as gratitude, appreciation, passion and more
  • Create strategies on how to approach conflict without re-triggering the problems
  • Role play repair attempts and positive bids for attention
  • Practice the tools for emotional self-regulation, especially for when you’re feeling reactive, emotional or triggered
  • Learn how to effectively manage your anger
  • Build the vision for your shared future

So are you ready to work with us?


Are you ready to move beyond love not being enough?


Are you ready to be able to weather any storm knowing that not only is your love unshakeable but that you have the tools to navigate to smoother waters?

Sign up now as we have limited space available for our coaching program.

Let us guide you. Let us teach you. Let us inspire you. Let us help you attain the relationship of your dreams.

We offer a 3 or 6 month coaching program

The only difference is the length of time you’re ready to commit to…the longer we have to work with you, the deeper the healing and connection will be. But if you’re not ready for a long-term commitment, let’s get to know one another and we guarantee, even in 3 months, we can make great strides.

The offerings in this program far exceed what you would pay for each part individually, but you get to work with both of us, savings you thousands!!

So ask yourself, what’s the price of your happiness?

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