Surviving to Thriving
VIP and Coaching Packages

Get the most out of the Surviving to Thriving FREE online summit by upgrading to VIP!

View the details below for the various VIP Upgrade options available to you, and choose the package that best suits your needs. Each of the coaching options also comes with lifetime access to the Surviving to Thriving Interviews (delivered at the conclusion of the event).

But act fast, we can only offer a limited number at these heavily discounted prices!

Surviving to Thriving Lifetime Access Video Bundle

At the conclusion of the event, you will be given lifetime access to each and every Surviving to Thriving Interview.


(Total Value: $197)

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Ultimate Relationship Coaching Session
with Joree and John

A one-hour coaching session for couples to work directly with Joree & John at uncovering the challenges in their relationship and strategizing on developing the tools towards healing, reconnection and intimacy.

$297 $247

(save until 6/11)

(Total Value: $797)

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Journey Forward Coaching Session
with Joree Rose

This one-hour coaching session with Joree will help identify where you are stuck in your life (i.e. areas in your parenting, relationship, self-worth, purpose, or identity) and how cultivating a practice in mindfulness will guide you towards greater happiness, peace and authenticity.

$247 $197

(save until 6/11)

(Total Value: $597)

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Evolved Caveman Coaching Session
with Dr. John Schinnerer

This one-hour coaching session with Dr. John will help you discover which area (e.g., romantic relationship, leadership, communication, emotional awareness, parenting, self-worth or purpose) is holding you back in terms of success and happiness. You will receive the most impactful tool(s) to begin to increase your happiness, authenticity and success.

$247 $197

(save until 6/11)

(Total Value: $597)

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